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  1. —would you please give him the key as soon as he _______?

   —No problem.

  A. arrives B. appearing

   C. came D. reaches

  2. He is now confined _______the hospital by illness.

  A. in B. to C. with D. at

  3. Having no key to the door, the poor boy _______anxiously in the rain for one and a half hours, and he would wait till the mother arrived.

  A. was waiting B. had been waiting

  C. had waited D. would wait

  4. Trying to _______wild life is a job that concerns all of us.

  A. deserve B. detect C. protect D. reserve

  5. The 20-year-old tennis player’s dream is to _______China at 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

  A. support B. present C. represent D. compete

  6. The residents living in these apartments have free _______to the swimming pool, the gym and other facilities.

  A. excess B. excursion

  C. access D. recreation

  7. There are two major problems linked with atomic power plants,_______ the first concerns nuclear waste.

  A. of which B. of the two C. of them D. of the plants

  8. —What’s that newly-built building?

   —_______ the students have out-of-class activities, such as drawing and singing.

  A. It is the building that B. That’s where

   C. It is in which D. The building that

  9. Tom has been most helpful to us; in fact I don’t know what we _______ without him.

  A. have done B. will have done

  C. had done D. would have done

  10. _______ from heart trouble for years, Professor Black has to take some medicine with him wherever he goes.

  A. Suffered B. Suffering

  C. Having suffered D. Being suffered

  11. While Tony was walking in the street, he came _______an old classmate of his.

  A. into B. across C. onto D. up with

  12.Never before ________ available for quick and easy access in so many different fields of study.

  A. so much free information were

  B. were so much free information

  C. has so much information been

  D. so much free information has been

  13. Football players are _______males, though there are some females.

  A. most B. mostly C. much D. all

  14. The use of military force faces strong opposition among key US allies where opinion polls show ________ majorities of the populations support a peaceful solution.

  A. substantial B. enormous C. considerable D. overwhelming

  15. ______, the next problem was how to make a good plan.

  A. Having made the decision

  B. The decision having been made

  C. Has the decision been made

  D. The decision has been made


  1-5 ABBCC 6-10 CABDC 11-15 BCBDB

16. The whole world is now clearly aware of the_______ to which global warming has affected the earth.

  A. extent B. range C. grade D. limit

  17. —Tim,______ ,but your TV is going too loud.

   —Oh, I’m sorry, I’ll turn it down right now.

  A. I’d like to talk with you B. I’m really tired of this

  C. I hate to say this D. I need your help

  18. Human behavior is mostly a product of learning, whereas the behavior of an animal depends mainly on_______.

  A. consciousness B. instinct C. impulse D. reaction

  19. She said she liked dancing but was not in the _______for it just then when it was so noisy in the hall.

  A. manner B. intention C. mood D. desire

  20. It is generally believed that gardening is _______it is a science.

  A. an art much as B. much an art as

   C. as an art much as D. as much an art as

  21. You’re the manager’s relative, but that doesn’t _______ you to a free meal in our restaurant.

   A. qualify B. entitle C. adapt D. allow

  22. We had _______enough Russian to be able to read the instructions.

  A. set up B. picked up C. taken up D. made up

  23. Why! I have nothing to confess. _______you want me to say?

  A. What is it that B. What it is that

  C. How is it that D. How it is that

  24. His salary as a bus driver is much higher than_______.

  A. that of a teacher B. those of a teacher

   C. these of a teacher D. this of a teacher

  25. The company _______many fine promises to the engineer in order to get him to work for them.

  A.held up B. held on

  C. held out D. held onto

  26. She did not know whether to sell her books or_______.

  A. to keep them for reference B. keeping them for reference

  C. if she should keep them for reference D. to be kept for reference

  27. Quite a number of NBA players have the experience of _______ from one team to another.

  A. transforming B. transferring

  C. transplanting D. transmitting

  28. — I’m sorry I broke your favorite cup.

   — Oh, really?_______.

   A. It’s Ok with me B. Don’t be sorry

   C.I don’t care too much D. It doesn’t matter

  29. The competition from experienced staff members, some of whom are higher in rank, _______to my disadvantage.

  A. works B. working C. work D. worked

  30. The rapid development China has achieved in the last decade _______that the future is likely to be very exciting.

  A. make it clear B. it has made clear

  C. it makes clear D. has made it clear


  16-20 ACBCD 21-25 BBAAC 26-30 ABDAD

Passage One

  Google, the Internet search-engine company, has announced that it will give more than twenty-five million dollars in money and investments to help the poor. The company says the effort involves using the power of information and technology to help people improve their lives.

   Aleem Walji works for Google.org--the part of the company that gives money to good causes. He said the company’s first project will help identify where infectious(传染性的)diseases are developing. In Southeast Asia and Africa, for example, Google.org will work with partners to strengthen early-warning systems and take action against growing health threats.

   Google. org’s second project will invest in ways to help small and medium-sized businesses grow. Walji says Google.org wants to develop ways to bring investors and business owners together to help small and medium-sized businesses create jobs and improve economic growth.

Google.org will also give money to help two climate-change programs announced earlier this year. One of these programs studies ways to make renewable(再生的)energy less costly than coal-based energy. The other is examining the efforts being made to increase the use of electric cars.

   The creators of Google have promised to give Google.org about one percent of company profits and one percent of its total stock value every year. Aleem Walji says this amount may increase in the future.

  31.The purpose of Google’s investments is to _____.

   A. expand its own business

   B. develop new technology

   C. help poor people

   D. increase the power of information

  32.According to Aleem Walji, the company’s first project is to _____.

   A. set up a new system to warn people of infectious diseases

   B. cure patients of infectious diseases

   C. identify the causes of infectious diseases

   D. find out where infectious diseases are developing

  33.What kind of businesses will benefit from Google. org’s second project?

   A. Small and medium-sized businesses.

   B. Cross-national companies.

   C. Foreign-funded corporations.

   D. Large enterprises.

  34.From the fourth paragraph, we learn that Google’s money is also invested to help______.

   A. start more research programs

   B. conduct studies related to climate changes

   C. develop renewable and coal-based energy

   D. make more advanced electric

  35.From the last paragraph we learn that the investments by Google.org come from ______.

   A. some international IT companies

   B. Google’s profits and stock value

   C. the company’s own interests

   D. local commercial banks

  Passage Two

   Sweden, Britain and Denmark are the only members of the 15-nation European Union that do not use the euro(欧元).Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen says the result of the Swedish vote will have no effect on his plans to decide by early next year on whether to call a new referendum(公民投票)on the euro. Denmark voted no in 2000.

  British Labor party member Chris Bryant, who is chairman of the Labor Movement for Europe, says that more than half of Britain’s trade is with Europe, and he hopes Britain will be joining the euro as soon as possible. British Prime Minister Tony Blair had said previously his government is committed in principle to joining the euro, provided that economic conditions are right.

  In Sweden, meanwhile, euro opponents have hailed the defeat of the single currency. The leader of the Left Party, Ulla Hoffman said the people have made it clear democracy comes from the bottom, not from above .The Left Party, along with the environmentalist Greens, fought against the euro. But Prime Minister Goran Persson, who led the movement for the euro, said Sweden would have worse opportunities without the common currency in the long term.

  Euro supporters say that it would have improved trade with the 12-nation zone that uses the euro, and that a no vote would leave Sweden without a voice in EU economic decisions Critics said the euro would mean higher prices and less money for Sweden’s cradle-to-grave welfare system.

  36.Among the following persons, who is a euro opponent according to the passage?

   A. Ulla Hoffman.

   B. Tony Blair.

   C. Chris Bryant.

   D. Goran Persson.

  37.What does a yes vote of common currency mean in the opponents’ eyes?

   A. Sweden will have worse opportunities.

   B. It will endanger Sweden’s cradle-to-grave welfare system.

   C. Sweden will have a strong voice in EU economic decisions.

   D. It is a democracy.

  38.Which of the following statements is FALSE according to the passage?

   A. Environmentalist Greens opposes to common currency.

   B.UK is very likely to join the euro if her economic conditions are good.

   C. Denmark has decided to call a new referendum on the euro.

   D. Most members of the European Union use the euro.

  39.The word“hail”,in paragraph 3,is closest in meaning to _____.

   A. feel worried about

   B. feel uncomfortable for

   C. cheer for

   D. analyze

  40.What is the author’s tone in the passage?

   A. Objective

   B. Ironic

   C. Indifferent

   D. Disapproving


  31-35 CDABB 36-40 ABCAA

Passage Three

  Human cloning technology could be used to reverse heart attacks. Scientists believe that they may be able to treat heart attack victims by cloning their healthy heart cells and injecting them into the areas of the heart been damaged, and other problems may be solved if human cloning and its technology are not forbidden.

  With cloning, infertile couples could have children. Current treatments for infertility, in terms of percentages, are not very successful. Couples go through physically and emotionally painful procedures for a small chance of having children. Many couples run out of time and money without successfully having children. Human cloning could make it possible for many more infertile couples to have children than ever before.

  We should be able to clone the bone marrow for children and adults suffering from leukemia(白血病).This is expected to be one of the first benefits to come from cloning technology.

  We may learn how to switch cells on and off through cloning and thus be able to cure cancer. Cloning technology can be used to test and perhaps cure gene-related diseases.

  The above is just a few examples of what human cloning technology can do for mankind. This new technology promises unprecedented advancement in medicine if people will release their fears and let the benefits begin.

  41.Heart attacks can be treated with human cloning technology by ______.

   A. removing the each other for long

   B. repairing the heart with cells cloned from healthy ones

   C. replacing the old heart with a cloned one

   D. giving the patients injections of various medicines

  42.The word “infertile”, in paragraph 2,most probably means______.

   A. separated from each other for long

   B. with physical and emotional problems

   C. short of time and money

   D. unable to give birth to a child

  43.According to the passage, one of the first expected benefits from cloning technology may be in _____.

   A. the cure of blood diseases

   B. the bearing of babies

   C. the treatment of heart attacks

   D. the treatment of cancer

  44.Cancer may be cured with the cloning technology by _____.

   A. attacking the diseased cells with healthy ones

   B. detecting disordered genes in the cancer cells

   C. controlling the growth of the cells

   D. activating cancer cells by switching them on

  45.According to the writer, the main problem with the development of human cloning technology is that_____.

   A. people are afraid of such technology

   B. it has brought about few benefits so far

   C. people still know little about it

   D. its benefits are very limited

  Passage Four

   Your boss holds your future prospects in his hands. Some bosses are hard to get along with. Some have excellent qualifications but no idea when it comes to dealing with people. Of course, not all bosses are like that.

   The relationship you have with your boss can be a major factor in determining your rise up the career ladder. Your boss is not only your leader, he is also the person best equipped to help you do the job you are paid to do. He can inform you of company direction that may affect your professional development.

  Your boss also needs you to perform at your best in order to accomplish his objectives. He needs your feedback in order to provide realistic and useful reports to upper management. But how does this help you establish a meaningful working relationship with your boss?

  The key is communication. Learn and understand his goals priorities. Observe and understand your boss’s work style. If he has not been clear with his expectations, ask! Likewise, ask for feedback and accept criticism gracefully. And if he understand that you do not view your job as just something to fill the hours between 9 and 5, he may be more likely to help you.

  In short, getting along with your boss requires getting to know his likes and dislikes and learning to work with his personality and management style.

  46.The main idea of the first paragraph is that______.

   A. bosses are hard to deal with

   B. bosses have good character

   C. bosses must have similar personality

   D. bosses determine your career future

  47.In the second paragraph, “rise up the career ladder” means_____.

   A. going to work abroad

   B. being promoted in position

   C. changing jobs frequently

   D. pursuing an advanced degree

  48.In order to achieve his objectives, your boss expects that you will_____.

   A. get along with your colleagues

   B. show your management skills

   C. do your best in your work

   D. write reports to upper management

  49.The most important factor for establishing a good working relationship with the boss is_____.

   A. high expectations B. effective communication

   C. frequent criticism D. quick feedback

  50. The best title for the passage might be_____.

   A. How to Take Care Of Your Boss

   B. How to Accept Your Boss’s Criticism

   C. How to Get Along with Your Boss

   D. How to Accomplish Your Boss’s Objective


  41For many people today, reading is no longer relaxation. To keep up with their work, they must read letters, reports, trade publications, interoffice communications, not to mention newspapers and magazines: a never-ending flood of words. In___51___ a job or advancing in one, the ability to read and comprehend___52___can mean the difference between success and failure. Yet the unfortunate fact is that most of us are ___53___ readers. Most of us develop poor reading ___54___ at an early age, and never get over them. The main deficiency___55___in the actual stuff of language itself—words. Taken individually, words have___56___meaning until they are strung together into phrases, sentences and paragraphs. ___57___, however, the untrained reader does not read groups of words. He laboriously reads one word at a time, often regressing to___58___words or passages. Regression, the tendency to look back over___59___you have just read, is a common bad habit in reading. Another habit which___60___down the speed of reading is vocalization(发声)—sounding each word either orally or mentally as___61___reads.

  To overcome these bad habits, some reading clinics use a device called an___62___, which moves a bar (or curtain) down the page at a predetermined speed. The bar is set at a slightly faster rate___63___the reader finds comfortable, in order to “stretch” him. The accelerator forces the reader to read fast,___64___word-by-word reading, regression and subvocalization, practically impossible. At fist___65___is sacrificed for speed. But when you learn to read ideas and concepts, you will not only read faster,___66___your comprehension will improve. Many people have found___67___reading skill drastically improved after some training.___68___Chalice Au, a business manager, for instance, his reading rate was a reasonably good 172 words a minute___69___the training, now it is an excellent 1,378 words a minute. He is delighted that how he can___70___a lot more reading material in a short period of time.

  51.A. getting B. doingC. offeringD. applying

  52. A. easilyB. quicklyC. roughlyD. decidedly

  53. A. goodB. poorC. urgentD. curious

  54. A. trainingB. habitsC. situationsD. custom

  55. A. lies B. involves C. touchesD. combines

  56. A. someB. dullC. littleD. a lot

  57. A. FortunatelyB. UnfortunatelyC. LogicallyD. In fact

  58. A. reuse B. rereadC. recite D. rewrite

  59. A. ifB. thatC. whatD. which

  60. A. cutsB. scalesC. slowsD. measures

  61. A. heB. oneC. readerD. some one

  62. A. actorB. observerC. amplifierD. accelerator

  63. A. thenB. asC. thanD. beyond

  64. A. makingB. leadingC. enablingD. indicating

  65. A. comprehensionB. meaningC. regressionD. gist

  66. A. forB. norC. butD. or

  67. A. ourB. yourC. theirD. such a

  68. A. TakeB. ConsiderC. MakeD. Look at

  69. A. forB. beforeC. afterD. in

  70. A. masterB. presentC. go overD. get through


  51-55 ABBBA 56-60 CBBCC

  61-65 BDCAA 66-70 CCABD

-45 BDACA 46-50 DBCBC

81. The whole situation starts to become more favorable. You begin to see that even though the distinction of the culture is different from your own, it has elements that you can learn to appreciate.

  82. While clothing serves a purely practical function, how you dress also communicates many things about your social status, state of mind and even your dreams. What you communicate through your kind of dress definitely influence others.






71.B-on 72.A-determined

   73.D-added 74.D-about

   75.D-such as 76.B-is

   77.A-amazed 78.B-were 去掉

  79.A-went through 80.D-in 去掉

  五、81. 整个形势开始变得更为有利,你也会发现:即使此类文化的特质与你们自己的有所不同,但也有一些能够学以欣赏的元素。

   82. 尽管服装的功能纯粹是实用性的,但是你的穿着方式也传递了很多信息:你的社会地位、思想状态、甚至你的梦想。你通过服装类型所传递的信息一定会影响到别人。

   83. Not only the teacher but also the student knows that the earth is round.

   84. She would rather die than marry that man.

   85. I have decided to accept the new post, even though the job is not very well paid.

   86. He was late for almost an hour for the first meeting, leaving a bad impression on everyone.

   87. We didn’t know each other right until now.





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