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Part I Vocabulary an Structure

1.Virtue and vice are before you ;____ leads you to happiness,_____ to misery.

A.former/latter B.the former/the latter C.a former /a latter D.the former/latter

2.The earth is about ____ as the room.

A.as fifty time big B. As big fifty time C.fifty times as big D.fifty as times big

3.My sister is going to visit Xi’an with ____ friends.

A.other her two little B.her other little two C.her two other little D.her two little other

4.The little girl was left alone ,with _____ to look after her.

A.anyone B.someone C.not one D.no one

5.It was at the coffee bar _____ she met her husband for the first time.

A.where B./ C.that D.which

6.“You realize that you were driving at 100 mph,don’t you ?”

“No ,officer.I _____.This car can’t do more than 80.”

A.couldn’t have been B may not have been C didn’t need to be D needn’t have been

7.Don’t let him catch you ____.

A do that again B doing that again C to do that again D done that again

8.He was thoroughly ashamed _____ so much money on such an ugly picture.

A for spending B with spending C to have spent D of having spent

9.I never dreamed I ______ here discussing state affairs with the other deputies.

A would be sitting B would had been sitting C will have been sitting D will be sitting

10.All these dictionaries are a great help to you , _____?

A are they B are all these dictionaries C aren’t they D aren’t all these dictionaries

11.Not until I shouted at the top of my voice ______ his head.

A he had turned B that he turned C he didn’t turn D did he turn

12.Every means ______ tried but without much result.

A are B is C has been D have been

13.It’s high time you _____.

A started to work B had stared to work C will start to work C would start to work

14.We required that the machine parts ____ cast iron.

A is made of B be made from C is made by D be made of

15._____,we could not have finished the work on time.

A But for their help B Was it not for their help C If they do not help us D Should they offer to help us

16.No sooner had he finished his speech ______ stormy applause broke out.

A as B than C then D when

17.That’s the doctor _____ on the seriously wounded man.

A that be operated B that operated him C who he operated D who operated

18.______,she knows Germany well.

A The child as she is B As she is a child C Child as she is D A child as she is

19.There is something wrong with Steven’s car , he must have it _____.

A checking B checked C to check D check

20.Her answer is not acceptable ,and ____.

A neither am I B mine is neither C either is mine D neither is mine

21.No one can function properly if they are _____ of sleep.

A rid B declined C refused D deprived

22.This kind of analysis _____ the problem to its simplest form.

A reduces B decreases C breaks D displaces

23.In the current economic climate it is fairly _____ that unemployment will continue to rise.

A reliable B predictable C desirable D indifferent

24.This map carries a ____ of one centimeter to ten kilometers.

A coordinate B regulate C adapt D suit

25.The new comers found it impossible to _____ themselves to the climate sufficiently to make permanent homes in the new county.

A coordinate B regulate C adapt D suit

26.The traitor was sent into _____ to a remote island.

A expel B extol C excel D exile

27.Extensive reporting on television has helped to _____ interest in a wide variety of sports an activities.

A generate B gather C assemble D yield

28.During the process ,great care has to be taken to protect the _____ silk from damage.

A sensible B delicate C tender D sensitive

29.The strong storm did a lot of damage to the coastal villages: severa; fishing boats were _____ and many houses collapsed.

A wrecked B torn C spoiled D injured

30.Having decided to rent a flat,we _____ contacting all the accommodation agencies in the city.

A set out B set about C set up D set down

Part II Reading Comprehension

Passage One

"Loving a child is a circular business.The more you give,the more you get,the more you want to give."Penelope Leachwon said.What she said proves to be true of my blended family.I was born in 1931.As the youngest of six children,I learned to share my parents' love.

Raising six children during the difficult time of the Great Depression took its toll on my parents' relationship and resulted in their divorce when I was 18 years old.Daddy never had very close relationships with his children and drifted even farther away from us after the divorce.Several years later,a wonderful woman came into his life and they were married.She had two sons,one of them still at home.Under her influence,we became a blended family and a good relationship developed between the two famliies.She always treated us as if we were her own children.It was because of our other mother.Daddy's second wife, that he became closer to his own children.

They shared over 25 years together before our father passed away.At the time of his death, the question came up of my mother,Daddy's first wife,attending his funeral.I will never forget the unconditional love shown by my step mother.When I asked her if she would object to mother attending Daddy's funeral,without giving it a second thought,she immediately replied,"Of course not,honey.She is the mother of my children."
31.According to the speaker, what contributed to her parents' divorce?

A Family violence B The Great Depression

C Bad relationship between parents and their six children

D Her father’s disloyalty

32."Loving a child is a circular business.The more you give,the more you get,the more you want to give."How do you understand this sentence?

A Love is blind. B Love is a business. C Love breeds love. D Love can tame the wildest.

33.What brought the father closer to his own children?

A His children’s efforts. B His improved financial condition.

C His advanced age. D His second wife’s positive influence.
34.Which one is NOT true about the writer’s step mother?

A a wonderful woman

B unconditional love shown to her step children

C positive influence on the blended family

D caring for her own children only
35. What message does the writer want to convey in this passage?
A Divorce often has disastrous consequences.

B Happiness is hard to find in blended families.

C The piety of the family relation should be respected in the highest degree.

D Love is the base of family relationship especially in blended families.

Passage Two

Like many of my generation, I have a weakness for hero worship. At some point, however, we all begin to question our heroes and our need for them. This leads us to ask: What is a hero?

  Despite immense differences in cultures, heroes around the world generally share a number of characteristics that instruct and inspire people.

  A hero does something worth talking about. A hero has a story of adventure to tell and a community who will listen. But a hero goes beyond mere fame.

  Heroes serve powers or principles larger than themselves. Like high-voltage transformers, heroes take the energy of higher powers and step it down so that it can be used by ordinary people.

  The hero lives a life worthy of imitation. Those who imitate a genuine hero experience life with new depth, enthusiasm, and meaning. A sure test for would-be heroes is what or whom do they serve? What are they willing to live and die for? If the answer or evidence suggests they serve only their own fame, they may be famous persons but not heroes. Madonna and Michael Jackson are famous, but who would claim that their fans find life more abundant?

  Heroes are catalysts (催化剂) for change. They have a vision from the mountaintop. They have the skill and the charm to move the masses. They create new possibilities. Without Gandhi, India might still be part of the British Empire. Without Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr., we might still have segregated (隔离的) buses, restaurants, and parks. It may be possible for large-scale change to occur without leaders with magnetic personalities, but the pace of change would be slow, the vision uncertain, and the committee meetings endless.
  36. Although heroes may come from different cultures, they ________.
  A generally possess certain inspiring characteristics
  B probably share some weaknesses of ordinary people
  C are often influenced by previous generations
  D all unknowingly attract a large number of fans
  37. According to the passage, heroes are compared to high-voltage transformers in that ________.
  A they have a vision from the mountaintop
  B they have warm feelings and emotions
  C they can serve as concrete examples of noble principles
  D they can make people feel stronger and more confident
  38. Madonna and Michael Jackson are not considered heroes because ________.
  A they are popular only among certain groups of people
  B their performances do not improve their fans morally
  C their primary concern is their own financial interests
  D they are not clear about the principles they should follow
  39. Gandhi and Martin Luther King are typical examples of outstanding leaders who ________.
  A are good at demonstrating their charming characters
  B can move the masses with their forceful speeches
  C are capable of meeting all challenges and hardships
  D can provide an answer to the problems of their people
  40. The author concludes that historical changes would ________.
  A be delayed without leaders with inspiring personal qualities
  B not happen without heroes making the necessary sacrifices
  C take place ff there were heroes to lead the people
  D produce leaders with attractive personalities

Passage Three

Karen and Ken Mullin, a young professional couple in Cleveland, own fifty Cookbooks and two fully equipped kitchens in their house. Yet they rarely cook their Own meals; instead, on their way home from work they usually stop at a supermarket And choose two portions of meat loaf and a container of ready-to-serve potatoes "My Job," says Karen "is to poor the salad from the bag."

A half-century after the first TV dinner was born, the food industry is approaching its long-sought dream of relieving people like the Mullins of unpaid labor in the final, and arguably most profitable, step by which a cow gets turned into meat loaf. Increasingly, tables in America's kitchens are used not for cutting or peeling but for putting takeout food onto plates. For those who even bother with plates. According to Harry Blazer, an influential food-industry researcher, American dinners that came from a takeout counter increased by 24 percent in the past decade, "We thought the microwave would be a cooking device," says Harry Blazer, "but we find it reheating takeout pizza."

Across the United States, entire business models are being transformed. supermarket takeout counters, formerly a place where unsold chickens were courted with sauce, increasingly resemble high-end corporate cafeterias, with sushi bars and stir-fly stations.

One psychologist thinks the trend toward healthier eating is responsible: Americans have finally gotten the message that it's bad to eat fried chicken, so they’re doing it at home where no one can see them.

Of course, thee are people you wouldn't expect to cook at home, like Steve Traxler, an unmarried Chicago theater producer, whose refrigerator contains little more than orange juice, wine and leftovers.

Well, somebody must be using those cookbooks, right? "people don't have time to cook; I think they're reading them in bed," says Rozanne Gold, author of a cookbook.

It's not entirely a question of time. The takeout fashion is fueled, in part, by the popularity of foods like sushi, which even adventuresome American cooks are unlikely to try to make at home. And takeout fills another need as well, for the atmosphere of the home-cooked dinner.

41. From the text we a 1a that the Mullins______.

A are experienced in cooking B are expert at food shopping

C often go dining out at a restaurant D often eat ready-made food at home

42. The food industry is approaching its final goal of________.

A freeing people of cooking at homeB turning cows into meat loaf far people

C relieving itself of unpaid labor for people D providing people with delicious TV dinners

43. We a infer from the text that some Americans .

A are too busy to cut or pal B are too bay to use their tables

C do not even are their plates D do not even use the microwave

44. Supermarket takeout counters _______.

A have sushi bas ad stir-fry stations now B used to process the lea-ova food for sale

C cooperate with high-end corporation cafeterias D used to court chickens of inferior with sauce

45. Takeout food is not only convenient but also enables Americans to ______.

A avoid taking unhealthy food B follow the trend of eating out

C enjoy eating together at home D have time to improve their cooking\

Passage Four

Faced with a mission-critical decision, who would you turn to for advice? Someone you have great confidence in, surely. But several lines of research show that our instincts about where to turn to for counsel are often not completely correct.
My research looks at prejudices that affect how people use advice, including why they often blindly follow recommendations from people who—as far as they know—are as knowledgeable as they are. In studies I conducted with Don Moore of Carnegie Mellon University, for example, I found that people tend to overvalue advice when the problem they're addressing is hard and to undervalue it when the problem is easy.
In our experiments, subjects were asked to guess the weight of people in various pictures, some of which were in focus and some of which were unclear. For each picture, subjects guessed twice: the first time without advice and the second time with input from another participant. When the pictures were in focus, we found, subjects tended to discount the advice; apparently, they were confident in their ability to guess correctly. When the pictures were unclear, subjects leaned heavily on the advice of others and seemed less secure about their initial opinion. Because they misjudged the value of the advice they received-—consistently overvaluing or undervaluing it depending on the difficulty of the problem—our subjects did not make the best guesses overall. They would have done better if they'd considered the advice equally, and to a moderate degree, on both hard and easy tasks.
46.In the face of a mission-critical decision, people tend to_______.

A.trust their own effortsB.rely on research findings

C.get affected by other's opinionD.seek help from the more knowledgeable

47.Research shows that when faced with difficult problems people often ______.

A discount others' adviceB overlook others' advice

C disagree with others' adviceD over-rely on others' advice

48. The first experiment tries to prove how objective conditions ______.

A strengthen people's initial opinionB strengthen people's self-confidence

C influence people's response to adviceD influence people's guess of weight loss

49. It can be inferred that people are likely to ______.

A undervalue free adviceB overvalue peer's advice

C misinterpret specialist adviceD misjudge their instinctual belief

50. The two experiments mentioned in the text reveal ______.

A how to follow others' adviceB how to understand others' advice

C what causes people to seek adviceD what affects people's attitude to advice

Part III Cloze

It is always a little sad to say goodbye to a long-time friend you are leaving forever, a __51__you have spent many hours with, in all sorts of__52____. David didn't think I should be so ___53____about the separation. "It's__54____a car," he said. "And we need a ___55__one. "
We were standing in the hot car park outside a car dealer's office, keys to the new ____56____in David's hand, keys to the old one in mine. David took the keys and handed them to the___57____. As we drove away, I _____58____to look at my trusty friend, standing silent and alone.
As it turned out, I _____59______the new car. It ran beautifully, all the tires were good,___60____I happily stopped buying gas every week. Our teenage children were ___61______to ride around in a small green car ____62______ a smoky van (小型客货车). It began to feel like our family's car.
Still, I _______63______looking in the rear-view mirror (后视镜) and seeing the seats ___64______I used to put my little children. I still thought about the family _____65______in that car and the fun we had together.
Then one day, I happened to go to a ____66______. I parked in a sea of vehicles (车辆). As I ____67______through the car park on my way into the store, I saw a __68______blue van coming slowly toward me. A little boy and a girl looked out the window at me as I stared at them in great _______69______. The boy smiled at me cheerfully and waved. Then, as I waved back slowly with ____70______feelings, and then walked quickly away toward the store's entrance, I burst into tears.

.          A leader B customer C companion D neighbour

.          A situations B directions C chances D dangers

.          A unhappy B sure C crazy D careless

.          A really B just C hardly D indeed

.          A lighter B cleaner C quieter D smaller

.          A flat B car C case D lock

.          A children B policeman C salesman D repairman

.          A showed up B turned back C moved on D ran away

.          A liked B bought C stopped D returned

.          A yet B until C and D then

.          A protected B shocked C delighted D determined

.          A as well as B away from C in comparison with D instead of

.          A missed B enjoyed C avoided D forgot

.          A where B when C that D which

.          A pictures B trips C interests D stories

.          A shopping centre B restaurant C hospital D school

.          A drove B walked C marched D ran

.          A dusty B noisy C shining D familiar

.          A joy B fear C disappointment D surprise

.          A mixed B strong C personal D warm

Part IV Error Correction

.          In the United States of America, the production of chocolate proceeded(A) at the(B) faster pace(C) than anywhere else(D) in the world.

.          The biggest(A) problem is that couples assume(B) each other know(C) what si going on with their finances(D),but they don’t.

.          True friends are those who(A) lend you a helping(B) hand instead of leave(C) you when you get into(D) trouble.

.          Last Sunday, Tom and I were walking down(A) the street while(B) we saw an(C) old man fall off(D) his bike.

.          Wear(A) the wrong glasses(B),however(C),can(D) prove harmful.

.          Researches have foud caring(A) of(B) the elderly(C) can be a very positive experience(D).

.          Scientists have discovered that a growing(A) number of whales are suffering from(B) sunburning(C)-and that the hole in the ozone layer(臭氧层)could(D) be to blame.

.          Routine(A) cancer screening for the elderly(B) does harm(C) than good(D).

.          A recent research shows(A) arguments(B) about money were especially(C) damaged(D)to couples.

.          American audiences prefer to(A) natural, spontaneous(B) delivery that conveys(C) a lively(D) sense of communication.

Part V Translation

.          A bookless life is an incomplete life. Books influence the depth and breadth of life. They meet the natural desire for freedom, for expression, for creativity and beauty of life. Learners, therefore, must have books, and the right type of book, for the satisfaction of their need.

.          Serving as president during one of the most tragic periods in American history,Abraham Lincoln(1809-1865)fought to reunite a nation torn apart by war.His courage,strength,and dedication in the face of an overwhelming national crisis have made him one of the most admired and respected American presidents.

.          重要的是你做了什么而不是你说了什么。

.          尽管已经10年没有见面了,汤姆还是一眼就认出了她。

.          对人的评价,不能仅凭他们所获得的成就的大小来断定。

.          晚会结束后,她因为他的幽默风趣而爱上了他。

.          他花了太多时间玩游戏,所以期末考试不及格。

Part VI Writing

Directions:Write a composition entitled On The Second Generation of The Super Star(星二代).You should write no less than 150 words and you should base your composition on the Chinese outline given below.Please write a short essay on the ANSWER SHEET.


On The Second Generation of The Super Star

.          星二代问题引起人们越来越广泛的关注。

.          星二代在社会生活中产生的影响。

.          自己的看法。


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